FNQ Growers is committed to supporting local growers by facilitating access to valuable training courses that enhance farming operations.

This page serves as a platform for growers to express their interest in specific training programs essential for their employees.

We understand:

The importance of continuous learning in agriculture and aim to provide opportunities that directly address the needs and challenges faced by growers in Far North Queensland. By collaborating closely with industry experts and educational institutions, FNQ Growers ensures that the courses offered are practical, relevant, and contribute significantly to the success and sustainability of farming practices in our region.

Eg. Forklift Courses, Chem Certification, First Aide, CPR, Working at Heights etc

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Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network (QAWN)

The Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network (QAWN) Officer assists producers and businesses to attract, train and retain workers.

This free service is available to agribusinesses with operations in Queensland, regardless of commodity or organisation membership.